Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cute but Toxic - Bunny

Here is a cute tag I made using a most FABULOUS kit by Kristin! The kit used for this tag is called 'Cute but Toxic.' You can find this kit exclusive at SATC

What a fun kit this is! great colors and some of the most cutest elements ever. You will find everything you need in this kit to create an adorable tag or scrap project!

The template used for this tag is by Kristin, you can find it on her blog under freebies. The Tube used is Danny Lee. AND ONCE AGAIN the kit is PTU, and you can find it at SATC.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

CT - KIT Spring Fresca

As I CT for Kristin, Im going to CT her scripts and other stuff as well.

I made a small kit using scripts, templates, overlays, and etc, all by Kristin. You can find the most awesome scripts and etc., over at

I had fun making this tiny kit. I also want to mention Kristins Scripts are very easy to use, and seem to run smoothly with out problems or errors.

Below is the preview of the kit I made.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

PUNK YOU Skin and Tag

This was a fun Kit and tube to work with. This kit was made as an exclusive for Fab Tag's. The kit was made to match our exclusive tube by Freya Langford - Sidebottom. the name of the tube is Kristin.

The kit used in the CT is called Punk you - By Kristin., but is exclusive to FAB TAGS

The Tube used is an exclusive to FAB TAGS, and she is by Freya!

The Template used is by Kristin and you can find this template on her blog at Toxic Desirez.

The font used is called Fabulus 50's. You can find this font at dafont.

Skulltastic Candy

WOOT! OMG! I just love this kit. The name of this kit is called Skullified Candy.

When making this tag, I had a couple of tubes to pick from. I then decided why not make the tag, and then just pop in both tubes.

2 tags below.

Here is what I used when making these tags -

Kit - Skullified Candy, can be purchased at SATC

Template by Kristin - you can find this on her blog , Toxic Desirez. The Template is one of her recent Valentines Temps.

Mask - By Becky, and I have no clue where to find it anymore. If you have this mask great, if not you can use a mask of choice.

Tubes - One tube is a FTU by Jon Moss, and the other is at SATC, and I got it as a freebie when I purhcased a certain amount of products from their store.

For more info about these tags PLS visit

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