Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Romance Skin Collab

This skin was created exclusively for FAB TAGS. This skin was created by the awesome Collab team of JEKcreations (myself) and the most awesome Kristin (Toxic Desirez).

The kit used in this skin is called BAD ROMANCE! WOW, what an awesome kit. We had so much fun creating this skin. The tube used is by Amy Matthews, and you can purchase this tube at Creative Design Outlet (CDO). You can purchase more awesome kits by Kristin @ skullifiedscraps.com

Froggie Wuv tag & Forum Skin

New CT Tag.

What an adorable kit this was to use. The kit used in this tag is called Froggie Wuv. The Tube is by Amy Matthews, whicyou can find at Creative Design Outlet (CDO). The Template used in this tag is by Kristin, and you can find it on her blog (Toxic Desirez).

Also part of my CT duties is creating forum skins via ONLY kits by Kristin. Also using Froggie Wuv, This skin was created exclusive for Fab Tags.

For more awesome kits by Kristin, pls Visit Skullifiedscraps.com and all other stores that carry her awesome kits. More information about this at my blog Jusgraphix

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Skin or Blog layout - Sinful Harlot

Tube I used is by the talented Arthur Crowe and is an exclusive tube to FAB TAGS. Kit I used by Kristin called - Sinful Harlot an exclusive kit to FAB TAGS.
This forum only makes skins by using kits only made by Kristin.
The preview can give you an idea of what you can do with your Forum or a blog.

Toxic Love

Tube I used is by the talented Arthur Crowe and is an exclusive tube to The Creative Chicks.
Kit I used by Kristin called - Gothic Romance
Template Used - By Kristin. You can find this Temp on her blog! http://toxicdesirez.blogspot.com/search/label/Templates

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Welcome to my CT Ladiez & Gentz! ♥ A few things so everything goes smoothly. You may request only 1 kit at a time. No more than that though. You will have 1 week to come up with a tut for that kit. That seems fair enough lol Failure to give me a tut with a week of requesting the kit will mean you are automatically off of my CT. Pretty simple huh! :D Not much too it really. I think that pretty much covers it. Iffin you have any questions please feel free to ask if I left anything out. Most Important thing though.. Have Fun & Happy Tagging!! ♥

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